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            Linux-based dedicated hosting is an apparent frontrunner spaced out from its cost efficiency and safe working environment. It is extremely compatible with ecommerce works repeatedly used by small businesses extensively. Some of well-liked Linux solutions take in Debian, RedHat, Slackware, etc. Linux is more dependable and much less likely to collapse. Linux also offers FrontPage Extensions, FTP Access, Telnet/SSH Access, CGI/PERL, ASP, PHP, Access Database, MySQL Database, HTML & JavaScript and COLDFUSION. At “Unique Star Net Solutions and Web Hosting”, we offer you all of the lucrative alternatives for Linux and all other types of dedicated hosting services. Owing to our exceptional quality and unbeatable round the clock support, we have developed ourselves to be a leader in the IT industry in the fields of Internet Solutions and Web Hosting services. With our offices in all the major metropolitans around the world in different countries which include Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt and others, we have been serving the world with top quality services.
            All dedicated hosting service providers utilize one operating system or the other to offer their services. There are a number of operating systems that can be used by the providers which take in UNIX, Linux, Windows and Macintosh. By the experiences of the hosting companies it is evident that a single operating system is at all times favored over others. However, Linux and Windows have been the preference over all of the other operating systems that are in demand amongst the hosting providers. It is because these two operating systems offer the most competent and most dependable service when it comes to performance. However, we offer outclass services based on all of the operating systems that suit you or are desirable to you. We offer high class service as well as top notch support options.
            The region in which Linux has clearly outclassed Windows and which is naturally observed is the ease of access which the servers offer. This in turn decides the competence and the dependability of the operating system. It would be spot on to say that both operating systems namely Linux and Windows offer the File Transfer Protocol system. The lead of Linux over Windows is that it presents Telnet or SSH system which Windows does not offer. This is an additional advantage from Linux’s side since it makes Linux driven servers to present superior and more dependable services. It is a huge benefit which Linux has to offer over Windows and it demonstrates the accessibility with which websites are hosted by Linux. Another advantage which Linux offers over Windows is advantage of writing. Both of them use HTML and JavaScript. FrontPage utilization, however, is more competent with Linux.

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            Confused about getting a dedicated server or a shared one? Let ‘Unique Star Net Solutions and Web Hosting’ be your host in towing away your uncertainty, while you sit back and relax and just listen to what we have to say regarding this confusion of yours. First of all you need to ask yourself a couple of questions in order to decide in the favor of dedicated hosting or shared hosting. The very fundamental questions among them include the question that what is your need of hosting? What is the volume of hosting that you consider would be sufficient for your needs? What is the area and expertise of my project? What services do I need to get? Whether the servers are supposed to be utilized for myself or my clients? And a few other questions besides the ones that we just stated. And by the time you have answered these questions to yourself, you will easily be able to decide whether to go for dedicated or shared hosting services.
            A shared server means that there will be other websites that will be hosted alongside your website on the same server while dedicated server means that the server will be all yours. A dedicated server, service also known as managed hosting service is a kind of internet hosting in which the customer rents a full server which is not being shared with anybody other than themselves. This type of hosting is offer more suppleness as compared to shared hosting, because in this type of hosting, organizations have complete authority over the server which includes selection of operating system, hardware and other features. There also exists a different kind of dedicated hosting generally known as complex hosting. There are lots of correspondences among simple and complex hosting while the major distinction being the grade of managerial and manufacturing support that the client compensates for. The supplier tackles most of the management roles which include safety, space and other assistance. The service is mainly upbeat in character. If you need to host a personal website or blog or something that does not require a large volume than you may be good with shared hosting otherwise if you do need a large volume for your project, then you may need to go for a dedicated server. Similarly the bandwidth or disk space that you will be allowed on a shared server will be limited as compared to a dedicated server; because dedicated server is devoted to serve only your needs so there will be no such limitations as in shared hosting.
            The next very important deciding factor is the price difference between shared and dedicated severs. Many people decide to go for shared server hosting because of the low price tag while others may need to have dedicated servers to cater their needs, so they don’t have any choice but to go for a dedicated server. That does bring the price a little up as compared to a shared server but it also offers other benefits over a shared hosting server.
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            ‘Unique Star Net Solutions and Web Hosting’ is one of the most well known and renowned organizations in the IT industry, based in UK, serving different countries around the world in the fields of internet, ecommerce, web hosting and other services. We at Unique Star hold the distinguished credibility of being one of the world’s most quality bound work and one of the cheapest dedicated hosting provider around the world. We have been doing an outstanding and spectacular job in serving the individuals and organizations with some of the most splendid pieces of work. We hold the honor of serving innumerous entities and organizations around the world with the right at the right place and at the right time.

            We are an eye-catching option to the entities and associations who are on the lookout for inexpensive and low-priced web hosting solutions. Our hosting packages begin from an incredibly low value so as to present something to everybody based on their wants and their financial plan. Our most reasonably priced package is known as the basic plan and you can avail it for as low as USD 1.99. So don’t worry searching for cheaper charges, because we tender some of the world’s most inexpensive packages without the bothering to search all over the internet. Besides having the benefit of opting from your well matched packages, our packages are not only economical, reasonably priced and discounted but we also present you the comfort of having your website hosted by some of the most sophisticated and top notch servers in the world. Your web site will be catered by some of the fastest web servers that exist worldwide.

We put forward the finest and the superlative web servers and most economical and within your grasp prices along with the offer for round the clock support alternatives. We are reachable all day long via live chat or e-mail to aid you with any pleas that you may be having concerning our hosting service or in general. We present many ways to be able to be accessible for your service, and to resolve any of your troubles concerning our service. Whenever you need us, you will find us standing by your side at every time of need. We offer continuous uptime and also offer search engine optimized website hosting and development. Websites designed by our developers  are catchy and make the customer interested within no time.

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